.Use this neck beauty instrument to solve these problems

* Skin wrinkles
* Skin relaxation aging
*double chin
* Fat accumulation of faces and neck
* Skin Darkness
* Skin dry
* Pore is thick
Suitable for oily skin and dry skin.

Are you still troubled?

* How to remove the texture of the neck caused by long-term bow
* How to remove the wrinkles of the face and neck, so that the lines become smooth
* How to remove fat and neck fat, remove double chin
If you are still for these harays, please use this neck beauty instrument

Upgrade Neck Beauty Gauges HJY-1000 VS Tradition with Hand Coast Skin Care

1) Use hand to apply skin care products to absorb skin care products, but HJY-1000 EMS micro-current technology can electrolyte skin care macromolecules, promote skin care products to absorb direct skin deep.
2) The effective time of skin care products is very slow, using HJY-1000 high-frequency vibration allows the absorption effect to be faster, double care effect.
3) Skin care products have no massage effect, but the HJY-1000 has a popular EMS mini current massage technology that can quickly promote cell regeneration, slow aging, regenerated collagen. Make skincare experience more enjoyable
4.) The temperature sensing technology is unique to the HJY-1000, suggesting the neck curve, and quickly forms the rocket neck and reduces double chin.

Before and after use, results are effective in 28 days

New upgrade three photon rejuvenation technology

1) Red light: can effectively penetrate deep into the skin to the bottom of the skin, improve skin dullness and reduce wrinkles

2) Blue light: It can promote the synthesis of collagen, activate the skin, tighten the skin, shrink the pores, and significantly improve oily and sensitive skin

3) Green light: it can improve the alternate function of cellular oxygen utilization, promote circulation function, dredge lymphatic and drainage swelling, and have a calming effect on the skin


Estimation delivery is 15 to 25 days ( Outside of Spain & Portugal)

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EMS Neck Face Anti Wrinkle

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