.✅​ Renew your youthfulness with a natural skin care product that will make you feel young again.

✅​ Fight against wrinkles, dark spots and skin aging using the power of natural Himalayan Jade Rollers and Chinese Gua Sha Skin Scrapers.

✅​ This Jade set comes with a premium Jade Roller and a Gua Sha skin scraper. The Jade Roller will help relax your skin and tighten it to get rid of any skin marks, fine lines or wrinkles.

✅​ With a dual-sided design, you can work on larger areas like your forehead and cheekbones with the large roller while leaving delicate areas like the chin, lips, nose and under-eye areas for the smaller end roller.

✅​ This package also includes the Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese Scraper that has been in use for centuries for natural skincare.

Some Advantages Of Using Jade Roller With Gua Sha

Witness the true brilliance of your skin with this Jade Roller set. Experience the utmost radiance of your skin without experiencing any scars, rashes or irritations. Our 100% authentic Jade stone will leave your skin with a cool and revitalized feeling. Use the Gua Sha to scrape away dead skin cells, remove blackheads, clear up clogged pores, leaving your skin feeling pure and rejuvenated.

Estimation delivery is 15 to 25 days ( Outside of Spain & Portugal)

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Roller Massager for Face

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