.Features :

1#   Ion + Output : Bioelectric current can effectively remove makeup residue and dirt in deep pores and can
        further enhance the effect of cleaning by using the cotton pad f asten by detachable fixing ring.

2#   Lead-Ion Input: Effectively improve nutritional absorption efficiency for more effective skin care, also can help save your skin care products.

3#   Vibration massage: Ultrasonic vibration massage can effectively activate the exchange of skin cells to accelerate
        repair skin, tighten skin and strengthen skin elasticity.

4#   Hot treatment: Soothing CCanti-stress massage can enhance the regeneration process of tissues to open pores and
        improve the absorption of cream, lotion and other skin care products to make skin plump.

5#   Photon therapy: Different light waves.It will give beneficialenergy for skin care Multipurpose: Red light can
        increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells to create collagen and accelerate exchange, making your
       skin is firm and shiny with smooth texture; green light can reduce skin oil secretion for more balance
       of oil and water to achieve neutralization and stable state; Blue light can inhibit acne growth with effect
       anti-inflammatory and repairing of the skin to reduce the risk of leaving scars.

6#   Continuous enjoyment: Built-in rechargeable battery can be powered directly by USB charging, you can access the power
        via an adapter, power bank, computer for cordless, tangle-free operation.

7#   Convenient skin care: Mini and portable design, you can put it in your bag for easy access anytime and anywhere.
        anywhere, suitable for home and travel use, multi-functional design to solve more problems and practical in more areas, help
        relieve facial muscle tension and fatigue, remove dark circles, eye bags, discoloration lines, wrinkles, etc.


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Facial Cleansing Brush

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